User Documentation

Genebank staff who will be using GRIN-Global should familiarize themselves with the user documentation. Most of these documents relate to the GG Curator Tool. We recommend not printing the documents as they are regularly updated.

Curator Tool release notes are online.

Note to GG website users: the documents listed here are designed for genebank staff using tools available only to internal staff. On its menu, the GRIN-Global Public Website has a link to its Help file.

Where to start? Too many documents! True, but try this one: Getting Started w/ GRIN-Global

Documents with Recent Edits:
CT Login QuickSheet CT Login Guide

Inventory Seasonal Availability Attachment Wizard Connecting to GG Servers (database)

Topic List

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Getting Started with the Curator Tool (.PDF) (.docx)
Alternative Languages (.PDF) (.docx)
Accessions & Passport Data (.PDF)  (.docx)
Passport Descriptors (.PDF) (.docx)
Citations & Literature References(.PDF)  (.docx)
Connecting to GG Servers (.PDF)  (.docx)
Cooperators (.PDF)  (.docx)
Crops (Descriptors (Traits) & Observations) Refer to section below.
Curator Tool User Guide (.PDF)  (.docx)
The User Guide is an introductory / overview document; many topics are explained in detail in documents included in this topic list.
Curator Tool Login / Password (QuickGuide) (.PDF)  (.docx)
Curator Tool Login / Password (Detailed Guide) (.PDF)  (.docx)
DOIs (Digital Object Identifiers) (.PDF)  (.docx)
Dynamic Folders (.PDF)  (.docx)
Genesys (.PDF)
Geography (.PDF) (.docx)
Getting Started with the Curator Tool (.PDF) (.docx)
Grouping Accessions and/or Inventory (.PDF) (.docx)
Image Attaching
Attachment Wizard (v1.21.10.4)(.PDF) (.docx)
Inventory Attachment Wizard (pre- v1.21.10.4)(.PDF) (.docx)
Inventory (.PDF) (.docx)
Inventory Seasonal Availability (.PDF) (.docx)
Lookup Tables (.PDF) (.docx)
Methods (.PDF) (.pptx)
Observations & Descriptors Refer to section below.
Order Processing (.PDF) (.docx)
Order & Cooperator Wizards v1.9.9.4+ (.PDF) (.docx)
Preparing for an Organization's GG Installation (.PDF) (.docx)
Reports (.PDF)  (.docx)
Searching (.PDF) (.docx)
Security: Ownership & Permissions (.PDF) (.docx)
Site Pages: Editing Data for the Site Web (.PDF) (.docx)
SMTA Refer to section below.
SQL: Page with SQL Examples and Tutorial (webpage)
Source Habitat Observations & Descriptors (.PDF) (.docx)
Viability Wizard (.PDF)(.docx)

The user guide for the Curator Tool; this document primarily explains the interface of the Curator and the Search Tool. Besides explaining how to use the screens, this document provides an overview on the GRIN-Global (GG) database.

The installation and administration of the Curator Tool is explained in the documents listed on the Administration Documents webpage. (In order to use the Curator Tool, the PC must either have a full installation of the GRIN-Global software, or be able to access a GG server on a network.)
(.PDF)  (.docx)
Accession overview and instructions for adding, editing, and deleting accession data
(.PDF)  (.docx)
The FAO/BIOVERSITY Multi-Crop Passport Descriptors (MCPD V.2 ) is the result of a thorough revision of the original publication released by FAO/IPGRI in 2001. This document describes how GRIN-Global handles these descriptors.
(.PDF) (.docx)
Two guides are available.
The SMTA Guide provides an overview of GRIN-Global and SMTAs. Illustrated in the guide are a brief summary, the SMTA-related dataviews, and images from the GG ordering process when SMTA accessions are requested. (.PDF) (.docx)

The second SMTA related guide specifically explains the EasySMTA Wizard designed for SMTA reporting. (.PDF) (.docx)

Download the Easy SMTA zip file. (.zip)
How Do I Add Crop Traits (Summary)(.PDF)

This guide explains the relationship among the dataviews in the family of Crop dataviews. These are needed to set up the descriptors for characteristics and observations.
(.PDF) (.docx)

This document takes you through the step-by-step process of creating a new crop, trait, code, and observation. (.PDF) (.docx)

Still not sure how to set up the coded traits for the descriptors? Review this document for examples from the NPGS database. (.PDF) (.docx)
Viability testing is crucial for the monitoring of seed conservation; this document explains the Viability Wizard.
Dynamic Folders explained. The content for the Overview and Methods for Creating Dynamic Folders sections is also covered in the CT User Guide. This document contains additional content: Making Dynamic Folders More Readable and Dynamic Folder Examples. These sections were only included here to reduce the overall size of the User Guide and to provide a source of examples that will be updated frequently.
(.PDF)  (.docx)
GRIN-Global has several reporting capabilities. Because the information on reports is included in assorted documents, this document attempts to aggregate the summary report information and provide the reader with appropriate links to other report references.
(.PDF)  (.docx)
Overview of the Inventory-related dataviews and inventory processing
(.PDF) (.docx)
In 2017, a new Inventory Attachment Wizard was added to the Curator Tool (version
(.PDF) (.docx)
Explains how to process orders and use the Order Wizard.
(.PDF) (.docx)

Citations & Literature References

Document explains how to input and search for citations.
(.PDF)  (.docx)
A Genesys Wizard can be used to upload an organization's GRIN-Global accession passport data to Genesys.
The Genesys Guide provides an overview of the wizard and process for uploading the data. (.PDF) Download the Easy SMTA zip file.(.zip)


Document explains how the Geography tables and Code Groups are used within GRIN-Global.
(.PDF)  (.docx)
The GRIN-Global Search Tool and Public Website have some commonalities and differences. For example, they share the same engine, but their interfaces are entirely different. This document explains the search capabilities and provides examples of valid search strings.
(.PDF) (.docx)

Security: Ownership & Permissions

This guide has consolidated security-related information from several guides, both at the user and administrator levels. Information pertinent to administrators will be indicated as such.
(.PDF)  (.docx)
Five new tables provide an extremely flexible method for adding more detailed information about the collection site which was not possible with 1.0’s single accession_source table. Now genebank personnel can use the custom source habitat descriptors for an unlimited amount of detail on the collection site.
(.PDF) (.docx)

(Excel workbook of sample descriptors)(Primarily for Administrators)These descriptors can be loaded into a GG system for organizational use. (.xlsm)
Some users prefer using codes rather than the longer text titles, especially when bulk importing data from a spreadsheet to the CT – this document explains how to set up an alternative language (such as "ENG"). Although this document was originally written for NPGS users, it is applicable to other organizations.
(.PDF) (.docx)

This document is currently divided into two main sections: the first section contains brief overviews to GG elements and links to other supporting documents which will be useful to any organization planning to test or implement GG and in setting up the database on the server; the second section focuses on the steps that should be taken for each PC that will be running the Curator Tool (the client application).
(.PDF) (.docx)