Training Exercises (Self-Paced)

Below are several self-paced tutorials. The first exercise provides a comprehensive overview and aligns 10 basic Curator Tool exercises with the CT User Guide.

Note: Staff in NPGS may contact Marty Reisinger to schedule site-specific or individual webinars on Curator Tool or GG Public Website topics.
# Exercise Description Auxiliary Files
1 10 Exercises to Get Familiar with the Curator Tool A good starting point for learning the Curator Tool screens and terminology. Also, check out the videos listed under Training on the webpage's menu. (.pdf) none
2 Importing Accession Records into GRIN-Global using the Curator Tool In this exercise you will learn how to import data from a spreadsheet into the GRIN-Global Curator Tool. (.pdf) Vicuna Beans Sample Data.xlsx
3 Creating Crops, & Traits (Descriptors) This document demonstrates a step-by-step process involved in recording evaluations (observations) in GRIN-Global. It goes beyond that in you also see how the crop, the traits, and the codes are created. Although creating new traits and codes is done relatively infrequently, by learning how to do so should prepare you for making observations. A new elderberry crop is created as an example crop and then a trait (Leaf Color) for the elderberry crop is defined. As part of this example, the trait is a “coded trait” meaning it only accepts specific codes on a scale from 1 to 5. Finally, sample observations are recorded. The results are displayed in the Public Website. Refer to other documents online which describe in detail how GG handles crops, descriptors, and observations. (.pdf) ELDERBERRY data spreadsheet (.xlsx)