Curator Tool Installation

The Curator Tool is the GRIN-Global client application used by a genebank's staff to access the GG database; it is not the database.

Installing the Curator Tool involves several steps that must be followed closely. Please download the Installation Guide and closely follow the directions.

Upgrading from Older CT Versions

Older, but recent releases
Beginning with v1.9.9.8 (Dec. 18, 2020 version) - on PCs having the CT installed for the first time - the CT installation will copy the SAP Crystal Reports runtime file from a USDA server. CT Installation Guide for more details.

Upgrading from 32-bit CT Versions
Recent Curator Tool (CT) versions are 64-bit. However, if you are upgrading from a CT whose version is or older, you should completely uninstall it using Windows. (If you are unsure of the current CT version, start up the CT – the version is displayed in the CT’s title bar.)